15yr old housewife in Katsina state confesses to killing her husband of two weeks with 40 Naira Poison

Dausiya Abdulmumini, a 15 yr old pregnant housewife in Katsina state, has confessed to killing her husband Saminu UsmanA�with rat poison, two weeks after their wedding, because she didn’t love him.

Dausiya was reported to have murdered her husband, Saminu Usman, aged 27, after adding the poison to his food.

Her half-brother, Muhammad Dasa, also died after eating the left-over poisoned meal, the sister-in-law, Shafaa��atu Usman, 23, who ate three spoons of the left-over, survived the incident.

Dausiya who related her side of the story with tears flowing said she loved a certain Abdulrasheed and he was responsible for her pregnancy, but was forced into the marrying Usman by her uncle.

She said:

a�?My Uncle, Yahaya, gave my hands in marriage to a man, Saminu, who I dona��t love. And I told them I dona��t love him. When I told my uncle I dona��t love him, he insisted that the marriage must go on. His wife, Ina Yahaya, intervened that since I said I dona��t love the man, he should allow me be. But he shut her mouth up, saying she cannot take decisions for him and that he has the right and authority over me and not her. Our marriage was two weeks old.”

Speaking about her true love she A�continued:

a�?Abdulrasheed impregnated me. He is in our village. He lives near our house. He is my boyfriend. He is the one I love. We are two years into the relationship.a�? Asked where she got the poison and how she did it? She said: a�?I sent someone to buy it for me. I bought N40 poison.a�?

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