Aaron Ramsey’s new home as Arsenal star buys Wales’ most expensive house – even after a A?1m discount

Aaron RamseyA�may finish 2017 injured forA�ArsenalA�, but the Gunners star can celebrate owning the most expensive house in Wales over the last 12 months.

Ramsey even secured a massive A?1.4m discount with the final price announced at A?3.1m, down from the original market value of A?4.5m.

The stunning five-bedroom mansion will surely sit alongside his FA Cup triumph with the Gunners as the highlight of 2017.

An avid golfer, Ramsey has a three-hole course to practice on, a tennis court and a five-star hotel standard outdoor pool with the luxury of a hot tub and sauna.

Ramsey secured a A?1m discount on the propertyA�(Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)
The property was originally listed for A?4.5m but went for A?3.1mA�(Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)
Ramsey will have a private three-hole golf courseA�(Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)
A five-star hotel approved swimming pool comes with a hot tub and saunaA�(Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

A midweek stay is not out of the question either, as Ramsey will be able to fly in for training at Arsenal’s Colney training ground in an hour due to the property’s helicopter pad.

A�With Wales’ failure to qualify for the World Cup in Russia next summer, Ramsey now has the perfect hideaway to recover.

Ramsey will be close to CardiffA�(Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)
The five-bedroom property is the most expensive house in Wales bought in 2017A�(Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)
Ramsey is likely to spend most of his summer in 2018 at the property after Wales’ failure to qualify for the World CupA�(Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

Ramsey’s season has suffered a setback after a thigh injury in the 1-1 draw with Southampton.

The 27-year-old will miss the big game with Crystal Palace on Thursday as a result, with Arsene Wenger has confirmed, with a return date in 2018 now set.




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