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So many different kind of people coming together as one big family in the hideout . Some are products of broken homes, and some are guys from a better home but got spoilt . Some boys find themselves here in order to escape from over-thinking and their problems but go back with much more problems .
Some are thinking about how their lives some are thinking about their next place of operation ….
News among this guys here are always current and real,not fake . Some people would be here for a while and some would be here for their entire lifetime . They started and end everything here; no future . It is a venue in which u can’t really tell what Mr B is thinking about Mr A.
Some are even given everything at home ,best trainings ,religious parents and even best things ever but they just chose to be here.
This kind of hideouts always claim the lives of innocent citizens too who just come here occasionally to catch fun and go back home but present the very day the devil visits the arena. Different kind of fights among them ranging from little to high frequencies .e.g. Cheating,dating others girl,cultism,ego,power,double-crossing etc. And also the law enforcement agencies could burst-in and get in to actions straight . Who knows who cares for casualties …
Even if u don’t have money , u are rest assure that when u get there u will be carried along with the merry.
We have lost so many hopes,so many lives and so many souls that should lead our countries in this place.
When u are new there u see some things for the 1st time e.g. Weeds,guns,charms ,condoms,fake ID cards , master-keys bullets and even dead body .
Those that eventually change and u later meet them in the church or mosque always thank God everyday whenever they come across those that are still there.
We as a parent are responsible for 60% of the children going there . Many of us valued our work businesses and social life more than the kids . Many of us do all sort of adultery things in their presence .
I hope our society think fast on how to address this issue coz we are playing a game of “I DONT CARE ” on the matter .
When the rubbish finally catch fire, the flames may spread fast and far

God be with us .

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