International Youth Day. (Transforming Education)

International Youth Day.
There: Transforming Education.

The world we live in is dynamic, new trends and techniques are a result of the changes that emanate from its dynamic nature and thus to keep up with these trends, the way we do things also has to change.

Focusing on education, the dynamic nature of the world is enhanced by knowledge and there is a need to learn, unlearn and relearn constantly to keep pace and not be left out.

In a nation’s effort for development and progress, the youth of the nation are vital and cannot be ruled out and thus there is a need for the sensitisation of the youths about the importance of education and also transformation of the education system.

We all know that the youths are the future leaders who will certainly have to fill in the shoes of leadership at a given time. However such a feat would be met with so much tragedy if the future leaders lack knowledge about governance and power and thus the nation will be exposed to chaos, corruption, arbitrary use of power and outright disaster. The value of education can not be undermined as education births knowledge and knowledge births progress. Unfortunately, the youths of this present day shun education and seek after fast lucre, they are not interested in the four walls of learning and stir clear from it. Those who find themselves in it are there for the period of time to please their parent or just to bag a certificate and pay no attention to what is being taught.

There is a need to bring back value into our education system and afterward, organized a campaign for the youths to see the importance of education with its futuristic benefit as well as present. Education does not just end in getting certification in order to get a white collar job, it also helps in the development of personal business, building of cognitive ability, development of sound morals, understanding of fundamental rights, aids in building societal class and identity and most definitely prepares for leadership positions.

An educated electorate, know what is constitutionally required from a political aspirant or an already elected official and therefore cannot be bought or deceived. They know when to fight for their right as they are aware of their constitutional rights and can fully leverage on it. An educated nation would most certainly not have a truckload of corrupt citizens and government officials. An educated nation will not be swamped with cultists, terrorists, kidnappers and other vices that lead to social unrest.

The fight for one Nigeria, the struggle for a united Africa, the fight against corruption, the fight against social unrest,the fight for our peace, the fight for our future is embedded in the walls of education, if we can learn and know, then we can aid in the nation’s effort for development and progress gain respect and recognition in the nations of the world.
Rt.hon.Bamikole Oladele Babs
Speaker African Youth Parliament

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    August 16, 2019 at 4:39 PM

    Great !
    The trends is really having positive effects on education sector.

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