Leadership Appraisal Forum #LAF

Leadership Appraisal Forum (LAF): Is a Registered Non Governmental Organisation established to promote Good Governance in our Nation.


Together, we can make a Positive Difference.’



To Build and Develop a Better Nation where everyone can make a Positive Difference.


* To Create a Platform where National Issues can be discussed.

* To Serve as a Public Watchdog of Governments Policy’s.

* To Campaign for Good Governance.

* To Make recommendations to government with a view to ushering a Positive Change.

* To Bridge the Gap between Government and its Citizens.

* To Sensitize the public on their rights and Join hands with other NGO’s in order to fight for Human Right.

* To Champion the course of a Better Nation.









Crystals Media Empire (CME) is a media organization established to reorientate the general public about news and events happening around the world.

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