It is with a great and joyous heart that we write to congratulate you, we are particularly thankful to God Almighty for sparing our lives to witness the occasion of your Swearing-in for a 4 year term in office. We pray God grants unto you good and sound health to see you through your tenure and the rest of your life on earth, your emergence is an empirical affirmation of your political wit and astuteness. We wholeheartedly joined your campaign team in our little capacity, believing that our political Messiah has finally come. I remembered how we use to argue vehemently in support of your candidacy, after the election and the period of legal tussle that ensued; we kept our faith firm with your team.

As you settled down in office, we are confident that the trust placed in you by the citizens of Kwara state will inspire you to continue important efforts in promoting the unity of the state leading it on the path of prosperity, further well-being and security for your people. Our hopes are high as we believed the template for the development of Kwara State had been drawn long before you ascended into power coming with a lot of wonderful ideas and beautiful initiatives. We urge you to continue and perform better than your predecessors.

Luckily for you Your Excellency, the people of our dear Harmony State have unanimously given you a rare opportunity to bring into governance the impetus for the much needed development of Kwara. Mr Governor Sir, with this new fresh breadth of air, I hope Your Excellency will find new motivations and truly set out to work for the good people of Kwara State for the next Four years.

Sir, kindly accept our heartfelt congratulations on your Swearing-in ceremony and we wish you a very successful tenure ahead. Our candid advice to you is that you should start looking beyond scoring cheap political goals, roll-up your sleeves and build a working consensus to tackle bigger challenges facing the State in other to build the Kwara State of our dream. Do extend our warm felicitation to your amiable, gorgeous and delectable wife and the first family.

We sincerely congratulate you and send our best wishes for your every success and wisdom in discharging the important and responsible duties of your position.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration.

Abodunrin Saheed,
Leadership Appraisal Forum (LAF)

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