Mr. Tejidini on why he joined OTOGE TRAIN

As a result of all the political imbroglio which have caused uproar on social media and for record purpose, I think it is much expedient for me to clear the air on the matter. Firstly,most people are oblivion of the fact,the relationship between me and Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman’ family. For record purpose, am from Idigba in Adewole ward where Abdulrahman came from,he is not just only my kinsman but my family. Idigba has a place is synonymous with unity and togetherness which shows that what affects one affects all.In 2014,when Abdulrahman came out for Senate against Senator Saraki,despite we were not in the same camp, yet I mobilised people to vote for him because anything that has to do with Ilorin,Adewole/idigba and my family have always been my priority. After 2015 election that was won by Governor Ahmed against Senator Ajibola.Dr Bukola Saraki contested for the position of the Senate President, and the contest was keen, it was that time I started given my support for Dr Saraki because he is an Ilorin man and I vouched that if Saraki won, i will not oppose him,rather I will pitch alliance with him for the development of Ilorin.When Saraki won, I went to my former Boss (Prof Oba) with my family and requested that he should allow me to support Saraki being the first Ilorin man to have clinched such exolted position, which he granted. So, those that said I betrayed Prof Oba, am letting you know that he was aware of my leaving and granted my request .Later,I joined the train of Dr Saraki, and he appreciated me and as little as i was,I contributed my own quota towards given him support.

As time went by, the contest for another election came by and it was a baton between the APC and PDP which Dr Saraki contested for Senate and lost to Dr Oloriegbe. I remembered vividly that before the postponement of the election, a meeting was called by the elders in Idigba, irrespective of their political disparities on how to support our own son that is vying for Governoship position.i was not in that meeting but I was briefed .Then we went for Presidential and Gubernatorial election which I wholeheartedly supported Dr Saraki.But as it was ordained by God that “He giveth power and taketh” the result was not in favour of Dr Saraki.After the election,the elders of Idigba called another meeting sensing on how to support our own kinsman whom, for the first time will be bring such exhorbitant glory to Idigba/Adewole, it was at that meeting that we were told to support our own kinsman, because there is always history and history will continue to judge anyone who went against his brother when he was aspiring for a position, which i Tejidini Abdulwasiu Olayinka vowed never to be part of such.My brothers and sisters, if your kinsman is bringing a glory to your family, will you hindered such?it was there I agreed to work for Abdulrahman. Before I joined the Otooge movement, I informed Dr Saraki via text message and I stated the reasons of my leaving.

So, if considering Idigba and my family as priority over any other interest is what is termed as “Betrayal” then I don’t have any apology because my home,my family first and i believe those reading this piece will understand and bear with me.Thank you all.I want to implore all Kwarans to vote for Abdulrazak Abdulrahman because “Project AA 2019 inshaalalah, it is a done deal”Because what happened in the last election transcend human comprehension.As a result AA is a man of Destiny.

Jazakakumullah Hair an Jazaa. Am yours sincerely Omo Alfa agba Tejidini

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