Newborn baby goes missing in Kogi state hospital Some hours after delivery

A newborn baby has gone missing hours after being born in Peniel Maternity and Clinic, aka Mummy’s hospital, in Anyigba, Dekina LGA, Kogi State.

Fitumi, a relative of the missing child’s father, said the baby was delivered early on Sunday and was kept in the care of the nurse on duty, but the child disappeared a few hours after birth.

Upon interrogation, the nurse on duty couldn’t explain what happened to the child. She was then taken to Anyigba Police station for further investigation.
The child’s mother, Joy Idah Mudi, said due to the improper arrangement of the clinic, she didn’t get a chance to see her child before she went missing. She said that they put her in a separate ward from her child only for her to later hear the shocking news.

When news of the child’s disappearance got out, members of the community gathered at Anyigba Police Station demanding the transfer of the maternity nurse to the vigilante officials for torturing.

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