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It looks like a glowing day in the Europe top flight league this weekend but it was indeed only shining and glowing for just Manchester City and Liverpool who are the only 2 top teams to corner out a winning outing. It all went drawing down and dragging low with the other Six top clubs in the 2 top leagues in the world, the English Premiership and The Spanish Liga. Chelsea, and it’s academy exponents fought early enough with 2 goals ahead in the first half but were “inexperiencedly” equalized and neutralize before the full time. Arsenal and Tottenham at the North London Derby, had the same. A penalty from Harry Kane made it 2 nil before halftime after a goal from Eriksen but a wonderful strike from Lacazette and Aubameyang in the 2nd half turned it to a stale mate, still early to choose if London is red or white. Southampton’s hold against Manchester United side that defeated Chelsea on Match day 1 now brings both teams, red devils and blues on same point but United ahead on goal difference. And so was it with Real Madrid and Barcelona who are the Spanish giants, also settled for a draw leaving Athletico Madrid at the top of the La Liga. Then I have come to the conclusion that it is a drawing week before the international break. I think it is a good time for the whole teams to sit and redraw their plans. It also the close of the Europe summer transfer which will bring all the Managers into cognizance with the team at their disposal for the half of the season. Particularly, I think it is a time for my dear team “the Chelsea team” to re strategize, it will be a time for them to replenish the strength of the team with the returning of the key players; Kante, Rudiger, Hudson Odoi, I think Reece is said not to be fit just yet but the presence of Kante and Antonio Rudiger should bring the balance needed in the defence till Reece returns. They will be an interesting team to watch. I think it is too early to actually decide which team will be the champion but I also think it is now a two horse race. Between the Merseyside Red and the Blues of Manchester. Both teams have been exceptional, It will be a great show over the run of the season. The Kopps are 2points ahead on the table but not after last season outing can anyone say with 2points, it is Christmas at the top of the table. Last season Liverpool was about 7 points ahead and Man City holds the trophy now. Just like we can’t outrightly say it is a goner game for Arsenal, Manchester United either Spurs or Chelsea. We look up to after the international break to keep our zeal alive. When Liverpool entertains Newcastle. The 2015 Champions, Leicester City FC will be at Old Trafford. It could be a big test to the Red devils yet again. Tottenham Hotspur will be entertaining Crystal Palace. The Chelsea Blues will be away at Wolves and Manchester Citizens will be away at Norwich while Arsenal flies away to Watford United. It will be an exciting time again when I bring back my English Premiership Top Six review again after the International break next week. Have a nice week ahead and remember, Up Blues!
Lasisi Oba-Atanda Charisma
Sept 3, 2019.


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